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Vocal Coaching for Kids and Adults

Singing Lessons Wicklow

Children’s Voice Classes – Children age 8 and above.

This course focuses on breath control and develops natural vocal placement, thus steering the student toward easy production.  Children’s voices require care against straining from shouting or attempting to mimic an adult sound. :-)  When ready, children are encouraged to participate in our concerts and local area festivals – Arklow Music Festival, Kilcoole Music Festival, Newpark Music Festival


Adult Voice Classes

As adults are obviously fully grown, most classes are about tackling habits that restrict the sound produced when attempting to sing.  Song choice has to satisfy the student for their enjoyment and the teacher for appropriateness in technical challenge. The school would recommend a minimum of 45 minutes, and advocates musicianship classes. 


Children 15-30 minutes

Adults 45 minutes

Fees: TBD

Term starts: TBD

Glenealy: Monday & Tuesday

Wicklow: Wednesday

Tutor: Kerry Anderson

The time and fee are subject to numbers.