Concert WorkshopSunday, 10th February 20192pm

Newcastle Parish Centre,

Church Lane, Newcastle, A63 X782


Concert Practise for ALL students!

10th  February 2019


Did you know that just attending a concert workshop can encourage your child – the budding instrumentalist/ or singer – to play at the next one?


Your fees include a mandatory charge for these concerts,  as part of your subscription to the service. 

They include music appreciation and group activities for all attending students.  Times are subject to numbers, but we suggest 2.00pm.


If you are a mature student teen or adult, please notify Therese and a special workshop will be arranged for you. 


Complimentary tea and coffee – casual, easy and relaxed atmosphere.


Please use the school’ website for dates (the shows are marked in the top ticker) and mark your calendars.  You can book via email as late as 9th Saturday. 

Places are limited so please contact the office on 086 326 5820 or email to book your place

Follow us on Facebook or call 086 326 5820 for more information.