Ensemble Roles below are for singers and Dancers   – all younger ages, 6 – 11 years only – the same group will probably play all the creatures listed below.  There is no need to audition for these roles as all dances and songs will be learnt in class and are especially for the younger cast members.



The Sailors are the crew of Prince Eric’s ship. They are eager for adventure and ready to tackle a storm. The Sailors can be played by boys or girls and can double as Sea Chorus.


The Sea Chorus

The Sea Chorus is responsible for creating each world within the show. Look for performers who can move gracefully and are capable of being part of a scene without drawing focus. This can also be an opportunity to showcase some of your more skilled dancers. The Sea Chorus can double as Merfolk, Sea Creatures and Lagoon Animals.


Sea Creatures

The Sea Creatures are the ensemble under water animals in King Triton’s court. They can include as few or as many performers as your production permits. There are several moments to showcase both dancers and singers in “Under the Sea.”



The Chefs are Chef Louis’s assistants. The music in “Les Poissons” can be challenging, so good choral singers are a plus for this group. Your Chefs can also double as members of the Sea Chorus.



The Merfolk of King Triton’s Court and can double as Sea Creatures.


Lagoon Animals

The Lagoon Animals try to convince Prince Eric to kiss Ariel. This ensemble can double as the Sea Creatures.


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