Character Breakdown

Ursula, the Sea Witch – age 12 and up 

Ursula is the manipulative Sea Witch who tries to overthrow King Triton. She is cunning and devious and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. A mature performer who can bring out this villain’s humour while finding texture in Ursula’s complexity. Ursula’s songs can be challenging, so look for a singer who will feel comfortable with these solos.


Audition Script


Poor Unfortunate Souls


Poor Unfortunate Soul – Lyrics


2017-18 Musical Theatre Schedule


2017-18 Musical Theatre Calendar


Auditions will be held on 28th May and call backs on 20th August at 3.00pm in the Greystones Studios.

Those auditioning should prepare from the songs and scripts provided, bring a drink and wear comfortable clothing.


All children that attend our singing and Caroline’s acting classes will be in the show.  Please email Therese to book your audition –


Our aim is to be inclusive and have lots and lots of fun while learning!